Andrew Mendelson: Editor

Praise for Andrew Mendelson:

Looks like Paul Rudd!

It's not just that he is fast, and funny...It's not just that he improved every sketch he cut, knowing just the right trims to make the jokes land harder... It's not that he was impossibly patient as I changed my mind again and again and again about show order...It's not even that he made suggestions for music and graphics that were beyond perfect...  No, what makes Andrew my favorite editor is that he looks so much like a cuter Paul Rudd.


Scott King
Executive Producer, Head Writer
The Big Gay Sketch Show


"God-like editor. He puts the cross in cross dissolve"


Matt Ostrom
Executive Producer


"Andrew is one of the fastest, most creative editors I've worked with, made all the more incredible given that he has no arms. He has a real passion for the the projects he's involved in and contributes an enormous amount. Plus, he's got a great attitude, despite all he's been through with the whole 'losing his arms' thing."
  Dan Taberski
Executive Producer
Idiot Box Productions


"Andrew edits like lions fuck—he's fast, aggressive, and does it over and over and over again ... all night long."


Randy Slavin



"I laughed. I cried. I hired him again."


Nick Davis
Nick Davis Productions


"Andrew is the most creative, most talented, most handsome boy in the whole world."

  Carole R. Mendelson
Andrew's Mom



"Andrew is a little dweeb. When I see him again I swear I'm gonna punch his lights out!"


Bully from Andrew's middle school playground




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